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m4t, 7, zn5, nwo, j, mo, v02, d7, q1g, g, p, Virgin Plastic Resins | GoldPlast Polymers

|Virgin Plastic Resins|

We are the Importer and Trader of all types of Virgin Plastic resins.We are associated with various Refineries from India as well as outside India to meet the growing needs of market.

Imported Virgin Resins

We import and trade plastic resins from foreign refineries.We purchase in bulk quantities to cater the increasing demand of market.

We are associated with many well known Petrochemical companies who provide the best quality products.

Indian Virgin Resins

We deal with Indian Refineries also to serve the demand of market. Each client has its own preference so to cater their needs we keep stock of all the refineries.


  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • PC
  • EVA
  • PMMA
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