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94g, 9m, kz, mj1, bnd, anu, 4py, a, sc8, 5pz, gus, k, oz, Plastic Compounds | GoldPlast Polymers
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| Plastic Compounds |

We are leading manufacturer of Product Specific Plastic Compounds to cater the needs of various products form various industries.

Plastic Compounds:

We have an immense experience in making Product specific plastic compounds.Each industry has its own products and has their own specifications and properties, so to serve various products of all industries we make compounds specifically for each product according to their specifications and properties.

Our Compounds provide High-strength, shine and High-Impact.They give the best results by reducing the cost of products.


  • Automobile industry
  • Toys
  • Bicycle Parts
  • Household products
  • Furniture industry
  • Electronics
  • Stationary products
  • Plastic parts

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